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'You come first'

Bumble - Global - 2023

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The power is yours on Bumble.


Bumble supports women in their journeys of self-love, pleasure and discovery by giving them tools and agency over their dating and connection experiences. To bring this to life we had partnerships with Quinn (audio-erotica), @Betches, Bumble Shop launched Bumble’s very first vibrator in collaboration with sexual wellness brand, Dame and social posts from Shan Boodram discussing 'Self - love misconceptions'.

Role: Creative Designer, Concept Creative & Art director

Brief included: Social, Growth, OOH, Merchandise, Art Direction, Partnerships


Get women aged 18 -28

To increase brand awareness and see Bumble as the app that gives them agency over their dating lives and a space to express themselves.

By creating a campaign that encourages

self-love and

self discovery

We secured prominent Apple ASO Featuring to support the event - which saw over 4.8M impressions and 12.8K download uplift on iOS. 

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Bumble- vday - influencer 2.png
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BumbleShop_Valentines_CampaignImages_5 2.png
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