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Giffgaff - Nationwide - 2019, 2020 & 2021

Role: Creative & Strategy Lead

Brief included: Creative strategy planning, Project management, 4 x Printed card packs

About the project: Each year giffgaff increase brand awareness by designing a set of playing cards/ Guess the phrase cards which are then popped into a Dig-in box and shipped to 500k students nationwide. I liaised and project managed all the cross- functional teams internally as well as being hands on with the printers. I used the valuable insights from previous years to introduce the campaign with a forward thinking creative approach. 


  • Increase brand awareness of giffgaff to Students at a time they're more willing to try new things out

  • Promote the use of a new student SIM card offer 

  • Use insights to think of new ways to compete with other student competitors in the telco market

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