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Heya, I'm

"Bringing creative visions to life"

With over 5 years of immersive experience as a Creative, I have consistently thrived in diverse environments, constantly seeking new experiences to fuel my inspiration. From Art direction to strategic thinking, I immerse myself fully in campaigns and projects, pushing the boundaries of creative innovation. My unwavering motivation and effectiveness in my role have propelled me to my current position, where I lead multiple global creative campaigns with finesse and expertise.

Diversity, inclusion, and the alignment of company values have always been paramount to me, influencing my design style and infusing my work with a unique perspective. Drawing from my extensive and varied background, I relish the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, eagerly embracing new and challenging briefs that stimulate my creative flow.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to giving back to the community. Volunteering outside of work, I dedicate my time to organisations such as MEFA and Arts Emergency, serving as a mentor and guiding aspiring talents towards fulfilling their creative potential. Moreover, I have ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own personalised candle business, where I bring my artistic vision to life through captivating scents and exquisite design.

In summary, my journey as a Creative has been characterised by a passion for Art direction, a strategic mindset, a commitment to fostering inclusive environments, and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

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Previous Companies...

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On a daily basis, I can confidently use Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma.

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Owner and founder of a black owned online retail outlet for bespoke and personalised gifts (Gifts tailored for you). This allows me to use my creative strategy, design, marketing and social skills to develop my own business. With budget restraints, my aim is to deliver long-term, strategic consumer engagement campaigns. 


As I mentioned Diversity and inclusion are pertinent to me so along with a co-lead we regularly produce educational materials. My role was to research and design the infographics to share knowledge on various topics with our followers.

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