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Bumble - Global - 2023

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In celebration of Barbie’s big screen debut on screens July 2023, Warner Bros. and Bumble joined forces to join in on the ubiquitous buzz and conversation surrounding the Barbie Movie. The partnership highlighted the importance of women’s empowerment and equality and position Bumble & Barbie at the forefront of changemakers whilst also promoting our newest feature compliments.

Role: Creative Designer

Brief included: Social, Growth, CRM, Motion, Localisation across 10 languages


Get women and men of all ages​

To increase brand awareness and see Bumble as the app that focuses on empowerment and increase Installs & adoption of the new Bumble compliments feature

By reducing pressure and using Barbie and Ken sending Bumble members compliments in their signature voices

1.44B+ global press impressions and above benchmarks in-app performance

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Bumble End Frame.png
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