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Giffgaff - Nationwide - 2019, 2020 & 2021

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DIG IN welcomes 500K students in over 180 universities with a boxful of goodies each year. It’s a way for brands to get their products in the hands of the the UK's most influential consumers and stay relevant in the market. 


For years giffgaff have been in partnership creating designed playing cards (and Guess the Phrase game) to build a sense of community for students when they first start their university experience. 


From my personal experience, I used these cards for the 3 years I was at university. Fast forward 4 years I then became the Creative and strategy lead on it pulling valuable insight into launching a new product.

Role: Creative & Strategy Lead

Brief included: Creative strategy planning, Project management,

4 x Printed card packs


Get new students who are starting university 

To increase brand awareness, create a sense of IRL community & get more students switching to the

giffgaff network

By partnering with Dig -In. Designing branded playing cards/ games and adding a free SIM card attached, as well as creating games which has to be played in groups 

3 million giffgaff sim cards distributed via the Dig-In Boxes​

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