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Bumble - EMEA - APAC - 2022

Role: Microsite and Design Creative

Brief included: Microsite, Social, Gifs, Instagram filter, Press image, Youtube, Promo card

About the project:

The overwhelming majority (74%) say that when it comes to romantic relationships, there are different expectations and expected behaviours based on your gender identity - this is called the ‘Romance Gap’. Bumble is empowering women to challenge gendered expectations and make the first move. The popular dating app puts women in control, where women set the tone and choose when and how to open the conversation. 


  • Drive brand awareness and consideration of Bumble amongst our audience, demonstrating that we are an app advocating for empowerment

  • Give a name to the inequality in dating and relationships that validates the experiences of women and offers language for Bumble to own this conversation 

  • Build Bumble as the voice of millennial women across EMEA/ANZ/India by driving conversation in earned press and social that resonates with their own experiences

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