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Giffgaff - London - 2019

Role: Creative Lead

Brief included: Event space, Social, Merchandise, Print assets

About the project: In the midst of Black Friday mayhem, giffgaff launched a Pop Up Shop in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, with a big difference. Nothing is for sale. To enter, people had to pay with a pledge and commit to choosing refurbished wherever possible. Using the most commercial moment in the calendar, giffgaff highlighted that refurbished is a sustainable and savvy choice especially when it comes to phones. Of course, they still sell new handsets, however, this campaign was about giving people the option to choose refurbished, should they wish to.​

We partnered with Al Murphy to design the illustrations.


  • Drive awareness of Giffgaff at the busiest buying season

  • Generate conversation of sustainable ways to shop

  • Reiterate that buying a refurbished phone is good for the planet

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